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The DeKalb Youth Symphony Orchestra plays several concerts each year including youth concerts and featuring soloists from within the orchestra who have won the prestigious concerto competition. DYS has also performed special concerts for various events such as DeKalb’s Fine Arts Night and a relief concert for victims of the 2005 Tsunami. DYS is also a touring orchestra which has toured internationally to many of music’s most famous cities - Rome, Cremona, Venice, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague, Beijing, Budapest, and Paris. Here you will find links to photos and videos of these memorable events.

Italy 2008Italy_2008.html

During the summer of 2008 DYS performed a concert tour of Rome, Florence, Cremona, and Venice.

EuroTour 2006EuroTour_2006.html

In the spring of 2006 DYS toured three of the Old World’s greatest cities: Budapest, Vienna and Prague. The gothic charm of these ancient cities of music is still quite present.

Tsunami 2005Tsunami_Concert_2005.html

DYS performed a special relief concert to raise money to aid the victims of the deadly tsunami of January 2005.

In 2004, DYS was invited to perform a concert tour of Beijing, China - site of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

China Tour 2004China_Tour_2004.html
Canada 2010../Canada_Tour_2010/Canada_Tour_2010.html

Summer 2010 finds our orchestra touring Canada starting in Montreal, followed by Ottawa, and Quebec City.

Concert Season../Concert_Season_2009-10/Concert_Season_2009-10.html
 2009 -10 ../Concert_Season_2009-10/Concert_Season_2009-10.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2009 - 2010 concert season

2010 - 2011../Concert_Season_2010-11/Concert_Season_2010-11.html
Concert Season../Concert_Season_2010-11/Concert_Season_2010-11.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2010 - 2011 concert season

Ireland 2012Ireland_2012.html

Spring 2012 brings DYS to the Emerald Isle where we explored historic castles, performed in ancient cathedrals, and experienced Irish culture.

2011 - 2012../Concert_Season_2011-2012/Concert_Season_2011-2012.html
Concert Season../Concert_Season_2011-2012/Concert_Season_2011-2012.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2011 - 2012 concert season

2012 - 2013../Concert_Season_2013-2014/Concert_Season_2013-2014.html
Concert Season../Concert_Season_2013-2014/Concert_Season_2013-2014.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2012 - 2013 concert season

2013 - 2014../Concert_Season_2013-2014/Concert_Season_2013-2014.html
Concert Season../Concert_Season_2013-2014/Concert_Season_2013-2014.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2013 - 2014 concert season

Baltics Tour 2014../Baltics_2014/Baltics_Tour.html

Our concert tour of the Baltics starts with Latvia, then continues with Estonia, and finishes with Finland.

2014 - 2015../Concert_Season_2014-2015/Concert_Season_2014-2015.html
Concert Season../Concert_Season_2014-2015/Concert_Season_2014-2015.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2014 - 2015 concert season

2015 - 2016../Concert_Season_2015-2016/Concert_Season_2015-2016.html
Concert Season../Concert_Season_2015-2016/Concert_Season_2015-2016.html

Posters, photos, and information about our 2015 - 2016 concert season