Directors and Coaches

The DeKalb Youth Symphony Orchestra is directed by Mr. Earl Kuutti with assistance from the coaches and managers who also conduct from time to time, particularly when the orchestra is on tour. These pages will provide a bit of background on these experienced and dedicated musicians.

Earl KuuttiEarl_Kuutti.html

Mr. Earl Kuutti - Music Director

Orchestra Director for

Chamblee Middle School

Chamblee High School


Mrs. Carla E. Memmelaar -

Woodwind Coach and Personnel Manager

Band Director for

Chamblee Middle School

Carla E. MemmelaarCarla_Memmelaar.html
Bob GoinBob_Goin.html

Mr. Bob Goin - Lower Strings Coach

Orchestra Director for

Rock Chapel Elementary School

Ray A. KuuttiRay_A._Kuutti.html

Mr. Ray A. Kuutti -

Violin Coach and Technical Manager

Orchestra Director for

Clarkston High School